Care that’s rooted in “home.”

Home. The place where the faces, activities and surroundings are familiar and comfortable. It’s where we plan, thrive, and put down deep roots. We may travel away, but it's the tug of those roots that so often brings us back home.

At Miller’s, we’ve called Indiana “home” for more than 50 years. Our 100% employee-owned company is made up of a network of owners who, like you, are deeply rooted in the places they call “home”—small and large communities across the State, where they live, work and play just like you do.

We’re your neighbors. And when illness or injury interrupts your plans, we’re healthcare professionals who are ready to help when you make the important decisions about what comes next. So whether you have time to plan for short-term rehabilitation, or your stay is totally unexpected, we’ll work to support your rehabilitation goals to return to the people and spaces you love. Back home.