The Rehab Center at Miller’s – Transitioning Patients from Hospital to Home

Often following an illness or injury, a person may need a little extra time and help before they return to all of their familiar activities. That’s where your local Rehab Center at Miller’s can help. The interdisciplinary team at Miller’s provides a comprehensive rehabilitation program that is tailored to each patient’s specific needs. When the need strikes, let the employee-owners at Miller’s help you get back to the people, places and things that you love.

Occupational therapy simulating household activity of doing laundry Occupational therapy simulating household activity of doing laundry

There are many ways to help someone get ready to return home following an injury or surgery. Why not use normal everyday-life tasks as a major part of their therapy? See how our Real.Life.Rehab. program makes the hard work of recovery more enjoyable and meaningful.

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Advance therapy equipment Advance therapy equipment
Advanced Therapy

When recovery calls for more aggressive therapy regimens, our rehabilitation staff have been specially trained to use state-of-the-art technology and equipment available at most of our Miller’s locations.

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Outpatient therapy Outpatient therapy
Outpatient Therapy

Miller’s can be a neighborhood resource for short term therapy to treat a wide variety of conditions. So if you’re returning home after your stay, or were never even a patient in a healthcare facility, visit or call the location nearest you to hear more about outpatient therapy at Miller’s.

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Our employee-owners are dedicated to being the hometown choice for our Indiana neighbors needing short-term rehab. Use our location finder to discover the nearest Miller’s location and the range of services that each offers.

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