We Exist to Serve

At Miller’s, our mission statement is simple, but says it all. We’re here to serve. We’ve spent the last 50 years pursuing our purpose and passion: serving patients during those times when they need help the most. So if you or someone you care about is facing changes in their healthcare needs, just give us a call. It’s why we’re here.

Assisted Living

Are you ready to be free of the burden of maintaining a home, need a little assistance throughout the day, or just enjoy the reassurance of knowing there are friends close by? If so, Miller’s Senior Living Community might be the right place for you.

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Memory Care

Visit a place where research and compassionate care come together to make Alzheimer’s care fresh and positive. Let our specially trained staff share why our approach can help preserve memories and maintain patients’ dignity.

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Nurse holding the hand of a patient Nurse holding the hand of a patient

No one should have to face a terminal illness or condition alone. The employee-owners at Miller’s are here to offer the physical and emotional support that will be needed, not just to patients, but to their families and friends as well.

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Compassionate Care Near Home

We offer a variety of services in communities all around Indiana. So whether you’re looking for help a few hours a day, or if you need long term, 24-hour care, the healthcare professionals at Miller’s are there to assist you find the services you need.

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