In rehabilitation, traditional therapy is effective, but we’ve found that it’s just not necessarily meaningful to our patients. So we asked ourselves what would happen if we used “real life” relevant tasks in our occupational therapy services? And that led us to CHANGE the way we think about our rehabilitation programs—through the types of activities we select, the equipment we use and the floor plans we design for our therapy gyms.

We work to strengthen patients and get them ready to go home by simulating real household & community activities, such as shopping, sliding into a restaurant booth, doing laundry, and even tasks like putting away groceries and making a bed.

We also build our therapy gyms differently to make patients’ therapy more effective. We simulate “real life” situations for them, such as building multi-level and multi-surface walking paths to allow patients to practice in a controlled environment what they may encounter again after they return home.  We lay out our gyms to include areas for simulated kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms to help get them ready.